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Life is filled with hard decisions. Focus on your health, not your health plan

What it all means

Plan Management


We help administer your business policy throughout the year and are committed to provide personalized customer service to each and every client. Whether you need help with a claim, additional forms, would like assistance with employee enrollment changes, or simply have questions, our team is here for you.

Tax Advantages


The employer's contribution of premium for employees are not only a tax deduction for your business, but are not considered wages and are not subject to payroll tax. With a POP plan in place, the employee can also pay their share pre-tax, saving you and your employees additional payroll taxes.

Business Protection


Businesses of all sizes need protection. Business owners, partners and certain key employees can be vital to the daily upkeep of a business. We can show you plans that can protect the longevity of your business in case of an injury, illness or death of a key person. Some policies offer a cash benefit, or monthly income, allowing a business to sustain itself due to a temporary or permanent absence of an owner or an individual of importance.

Consultation & Quote


We assess your needs and do the research. We compare hundreds of plans and advise you which carriers and plans work closely with your specific needs. Our brokers can also include additional benefits such as dental and life at your request. 


We offer onsite or over the phone consultations and provide the information you need such as out of pocket costs, co-pays, deductibles, health reform, provider networks, carrier customer care and benefit services in your area. We ensure you understand the cost, the benefits and the options available as an employer.

 Enrollment & Submission Process


Once you choose a plan(s), we help organize the enrollment process. We ensure appropriate employer documents are complete and submitted timely to the carrier.

Our agents also offer on site employee enrollment meetings to answer employee questions in detail and assist employees in completing the application forms for themselves and their dependents.


Supplemental Products

Offering health benefits and additional products are a driving factor for employers to attract and retain quality employees. Group supplemental products, such as dental, life, short/long term disability, through a group plan will generally cost less than an employee could purchase on their own. We can help you incorporate sponsored group products for which you contribute to the cost. We can also provide Voluntary products where the employee chooses to enroll and pays 100% of the premium, and still enjoy the benefit of the lower cost of a small group plan. Group products are also generally offered without a medical exam, where this is generally required with individual products.


No Cost to you

The good news is there are no fees for our services. Health Broker commissions are embedded in healthcare premiums and are regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Premiums are not affected whether an employer has a licensed broker represent you or you go at it alone. We recommend employers use a qualified and licensed health insurance broker.

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